Wool – the Sustainable fibre

Wool is natural, renewable, and biodegradable. Wool regrows constantly and, when it completes its function, will biodegrade without creating any negative impact on the environment.

Choosing a wool carpet for your home is a choice for the environment, providing you with a well sought-after connection with nature.

Wool has a natural cushioning feature which provides softness and comfort for your home. The acoustic properties also provide added comfort by reducing floor noise in your home by absorbing airborne noise and minimising the transmission of noise through floors into other rooms.

Wool is also a natural insulator. The crimp in wool fibre traps millions of air pockets which helps it to maintain a constant temperature. Wool carpet will help to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The natural structure of wool fibre helps to inhibit the growth of common allergens. Wool carpet will also help to trap most allergens, keeping them from circulating in the air.

The natural crimp in the wool fibre gives it strength and resilience. A quality wool carpet will wear gracefully and maintain its appearance in your home for many years.

Wool is engineered by nature to be soil and stain resistant.

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You will feel good, knowing you have made the right choice – for many reasons.