Man-made fibre types in Victoria Carpets portfolio

You have decided to buy a carpet for your house, you know what style and colour want to have. But in which fibre? Sometimes it is difficult to understand which fibre will be best for the room you would like to dress.

Here is an overview of the different options you can choose from Victoria Carpets vast portfolio of broadloom carpets.


Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN)
SDN is a sturdy, durable yet flexible fibre that is colourfast and has a high level of stain resistance. Victoria Carpets uses only premium quality SDN due to the many benefits it delivers users over commodity nylon. In general, SDN has superior lightfastness, elastic recovery, and thermal stability. Carpets made with SDN are suitable for high foot traffic areas of a home.

Polypropylene is a fibre that has outstanding abrasion resistance and is naturally colourfast, ensuring your carpet will maintain its great looks for many years. As people and families move more towards informal lifestyles, including eating on couches and casual furniture, stain resistance is becoming an extremely important carpet attribute. So, polypropylene carpets come with incredible stain resistant properties to accommodate this relaxed lifestyle.

Polyester is another popular synthetic fibre used in carpets. The quality of polyester fibre has improved considerably, and it can offer an excellent value choice for the budget conscious.
The fibre has a very luxurious soft feel with high “perceived” quality. Because it is process-dyed, polyester has excellent fade resistance displaying some of the richest colours of any fibre.

Molecular Enhanced Polyester (MEP)
Molecular Enhanced Polyester (MEP) differs from regular polyester fibre due to the alteration of the chemical composition at the molecular level. This chemical modification enhances the fibres’ durability, resilience, softness, and chemical resistance.