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Inspired by the world around us

Designing with Wool: the Foundation Fibre

Beautiful, on-trend, high quality wool carpets have been the heart and soul of Victoria Carpets since it was established in Scotland in 1895.  And after 70 years manufacturing on Australian soil, wool strongly remains a vital part of our journey.

Our passion for wool echoes proudly throughout history, being passed down generations from one artisan to the next.  We live and breathe it every day, embracing its organic form and textures, and the art of how it is processed into carpet.  From the rich aromas of fresh loose-stock wool that fills our factory walls; to the gentle bubbling of dye-vats; the whirring of carding machines, spinning frames and twisters that make the yarn; and the rhythmic drumbeats of our broadloom tufting machines that make the carpet.   We love it all!

In design, we are painstakingly meticulous about the finer details and stop at no end to achieve the right balance between texture, feel and performance.  Once this is achieved, colours are carefully selected by drawing on inspiration from our natural surroundings, filtering the right shades and hues, and creating a connecting sense of biophilia.  All wool yarns are proudly made locally at our spinning mill in Bendigo and then tufted into carpets at our facility in Dandenong, Victoria.

Next time you buy a wool carpet from Victoria Carpets, succumb to your senses and relax into luxurious long-lasting quality, knowing you are a part of this incredible journey.

The story behind Broomfield…

Inspiration behind Broomfield was all about the bold subtleties: bringing together and finding balance between look and feel, functionality, and colours.

Using Mother Nature’s wonder fibre, 100% NZ wool, we carefully constructed both yarn and carpet in a unique way to achieve a modest yet sophisticated textured loop pile carpet that delivers on performance. The combination of colours gives consumers a versatile design base and allows them to take their living spaces to the next level!

Bringing Sante Park to life…

Follow the accent colours of Sante Park as they contour their way over, under and around each loop that forms this beautifully rustic and textured carpet.

Carefully constructed using 100% wool yarn for greater performance, Sante Park delivers an on-trend chunky loop pile carpet with an array of natural and neutral two-toned colour selections.

Balancing the use of contrasting colours not only helps enhance the carpet’s texture, but also offers consumers a more versatile design base when choosing the colours for their dream home.

Creatively adapting nature into innovative production processes to deliver new levels of feel, colour, texture and hard wearing properties


Designing with Man-Made Fibres

Man-made fibres have evolved radically over the years due to discoveries in raw materials (polymers) and manufacturing technologies, revolutionizing the way carpet is designed.

Historically, some of the first-generation synthetic fibres were overshadowed with questionable performance characteristics.  Today there is a much broader selection of synthetic fibres available that are much softer, better looking, more durable and have superior colour fastness and resistance to staining and soiling.   Innovative finishing techniques and colour combinations are also starting to blur the lines between what looks synthetic and natural!

Our aim is to harness each fibre’s unique attributes and create carpet designs that look great, wear well and deliver maximum value.  Among our collection of synthetics is a mix of twist piles, level and textured loop piles, and of course the en vogue chunky loop piles.  Every range is available in an array of neutral and earthy colour tones inspired by timeless and current trends to help complement any living area – as conserved or adventurous as it may be!

We are constantly working closely with our suppliers on ways to reduce our environmental footprint by focusing on all aspects of the product’s life cycle; including reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Carpets made with synthetic fibres offer great value, low-maintenance and are an affordable option for carpeting your home.  Check out all our colours and designs in the broadloom section.

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