UltraPet Carpet & Underlay

Pet friendly flooring solutions

The Carpet

A true testament of versatility and endurance, UltraPet carpets are designed to create the perfect environment for both you and your furry friends!

Made from cutting edge technology, UltraPet carpets are able to withstand the hustle and bustle of both paws and feet; the increased durability and stain repellent properties that they provide mean there’s no longer any need to restrict your beloved fur babies from entering all rooms in your home!

Cold water can easily clean most stains and pet accidents (such as urine and faeces) in the wag of a tail, giving you peace of mind as you navigate through the other stresses of looking after your boisterous pup or spirited cat.


The Undlerlay

UltraPet carpet underlay is specially formulated to provide superior comfort underfoot and outstanding durability.

It also features StainShield, an innovative new multilayered high- density polyethylene barrier that helps to protect against most common household spills and pet stains. UltraPet is also treated with a proven antimicrobial which helps to prevent against odours whilst providing hygienic freshness for your home.

Pawsome for pets

Unparalleled colour retention

Hassle free cleaning

Ultra soft comfort

Family friendly

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UltraPet Carpet Colours

UltraPet carpets come in a range of ten beautiful colours thoughtfully selected to harmonise with diverse interior design styles. So, whether you prefer the grounded colour palette of browns and neutrals or monochromatic charcoals and greys, we’ve got you covered in 3 different weights.

Also, while with some carpets the colour is only visible on the yarn surface, much like a radish, UltraPet carpets have colour built inherently into the yarn fibres, just like a carrot. This means your UltraPet carpet will maintain its colour for years to come.


Birman is a budget friendly carpet range that achieves a look of luxury without compromising on its resilience. A perfect choice for kid’s bedrooms where all the splotches and splashes take place.


Basenji strikes a perfect balance between durability and comfort. This carpet is an ideal choice for rooms that you want to add a little bit of richness to, such as the bedroom or living room.


Akita is an undeniably lush and attractive twist pile constructed with innovative technology to provide you with ultra-soft comfort underfoot. This denser, heavy weight range offers maximum durability and resilience against the wear and tear of an active household.

*Actual colours may differ from images on the website. We recommend you view actual samples. UltraPet is a registered mark exclusive to Victoria Carpets across Australia and New Zealand.

The Carpet Underlay

If your housemates are of the canine or feline variety, it’s important that you keep them in mind when you are selecting your new floorcovering. At the end of the day we all know that accidents can happen! Thankfully UltraPet Carpet Underlay is here to make your choice easier. This innovative new carpet underlay has been cleverly designed to protect against most common household spills and pet stains.

Added protection

UltraPet Carpet Underlay has been engineered to keep stains from soaking into the cushion thanks to its protective barrier, StainShield. This advanced technology allows for easier cleaning and less staining. In most cases, stains
can be easily removed by spot cleaning.

Comfort that lasts

Specially formulated to provide superior comfort underfoot, UltraPet carpet underlay also provides outstanding durability, ensuring that your new carpet feels great and lasts longer! What’s more, it’s also treated with a proven antimicrobial that helps to prevent against nasty odours, providing hygienic freshness and a healthier home environment for you and your pets.

Australian made

Proudly Australian made, you can be confident that you’ve chosen a quality product that will last the test of time. Plus, it’s guaranteed by Dunlop for the life of your carpet.

After all… it’s what you can’t see, that makes the difference!

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