• Exceptional Resistance to Household Stains Icon

    Exceptional Resistance to Household Stains

    Advanced Technology Polypropylene & Engineered Solution Dyed Polypropylene fibres have no dye sites and can only be coloured during the yarn production process. This means that carpet made from these fibres have outstanding resistance to common household stains.

  • Superior & Long-Lasting Performance Icon

    Superior & Long-Lasting Performance

    ATP & ESDP fibres are a finer yarn with higher twist levels and are polished off with a heat set to lock the twists in place. The result is a better performing and long-lasting product.

  • Super Easy to Clean Icon

    Super Easy to Clean

    ATP & ESDP fibres use a new organic based lubricant which leaves less residue on the yarn after production. This creates a cleaner carpet which is less susceptible to soiling and has a great ease of cleaning.

  • Endurance Against Fading Icon

    Endurance Against Fading

    Due to the inherent nature of the pigments in solution-dyed fibres, carpet made from ATP & ESDP yarns are designed to have outstanding resistance to fading from natural and artificial light.

  • Ultimate Softness Icon

    Ultimate Softness

    ATP & ESDP carpets are made of a finer denier yarn which gives you a luxurious feel and added softness underfoot.

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