Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN)

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SDN is a sturdy, durable yet flexible fibre that is colourfast and treated to increase stain resistance.

Victoria Carpets uses only premium quality SDN due to the many benefits it delivers users over commodity nylon. In general, SDN has superior light degradation, dye ability, elastic recovery, fatigue resistance and thermal stability.

SDN for long-lasting quality

Victoria Carpet’s quality SDN carpets are due to setting and maintaining consistently high construction standards, ensured by regular testing. In addition, all our carpets undergo independent testing through the Carpet Institute’s ACCS for performance and emissions. The excellent results achieved by our SDN carpets demonstrate their resilience and excellent performance under heavy foot traffic.


SDN is highly regarded for its excellent abrasion resistance. In terms of pure wear, SDN outperforms every other carpet fibre.

Colourfastness you can trust

Comparing SDN and commodity nylon is like comparing a carrot and a radish. SDN is dyed prior to extrusion so the colour is an integral part of the yarn – much like a carrot is orange all the way through. Pieced dyed commodity nylon is extruded as a white yarn and dyed after tufting. Its colouring is more similar to a radish – coloured on the surface and white underneath. The result is an inferior colourfast performance.

Stain resistance

Victoria Carpets’ SDN is both stain and soil resistant, so cleaning and maintenance is easy. Our SDN carpets have a topical treatment (stain inhibitors) applied to it.

Ease of cleaning

SDN is very resilient, so these carpets can be cleaned with harsher cleaners. However, we don’t recommend using bleach as, used frequently, it will break down the polypropylene primary backing. Also, there is no absolute guarantee that SDN carpets won’t stain if spills are not promptly attended to or if they contain strong dyes.

Victoria Carpets’ brochure ‘Synthetic Carpet Care and Warranties’ has comprehensive cleaning recommendations.

Soil resistance

Victoria Carpet’s SDN yarn is specially shaped to ensuring that less soil is deposited around the fibres. This also makes any soil that does adhere to the fibres less visible.

Anti-static properties of SDN

All Victoria Carpets’ SDN products have anti-static treatment that is guaranteed for the life of the carpet.


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